Friday, February 19, 2010

Carrotmob in Bangkok

This is one of my favorite pictures of Dale. Someone took it unbeknownst (what a great word that is...) to him and it captures how he feels about guitar. Plus, he just looks really cool!

So, he's playing tomorrow at our local small grocery store on the day they stop giving out plastic bags to customers. Yes, all customers must now bring their own bags. Woo hoo! But the reason he's playing is so cool that I have to share. It's called a Carrotmob, and the basic premise is that instead of protesting a company to get what you want, you turn it around and give that company tons of business if they make socially responsible decisions. Win-win. They are expecting about 500 people to show up tomorrow, and the idea is to spend lots of money to show our support to the company that is choosing to go green. It's the first of its kind in Bangkok, and I'm so excited to be a part of it.

A whole different kind of activism. Love it.

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Dyann said...

Now that is cool.