Sunday, February 21, 2010

All in a Day

Such a great Sunday that some documentation is in order...
Met some friends, Dan and Susan from Shanghai days, downtown for brekkie. We realized that Sojo is getting really good at going out to eat and entertaining herself enough to let us catch up with old friends. The courtyard at the restaurant was awash in some amazing morning light.

Post-nap, we hit the mall as we usually do on Sundays because she loves it. This blue scooter thing is her current favorite toy in the department store. They have a sample that she rides around for a while. Even though she looks pretty bored in this picture--on the contrary. She's a zooming fiend on this thing and we have to sometimes jog to keep up with her.
Sojo's newest favorite dinner place is Sizzler. Yes, Sizzler. They have a tom yum gai soup (spicy soup with chicken and broth) there that she loves. Plus we can stuff her with veggies.
On our way to buy a new sketchpad, we discovered these cool headphones. And Sojo's favorite, Shakira, was on the sample. Such fun for her to rock out a bit.
Home in just enough time to crack open the new sketchbook before pajama time. One of the first pics was of an orange car with stripes we saw on the way to the mall. I love the color orange, so Sojo told me she had enough money now to buy the car for me.
Kinda wish every day were Sunday. And I kinda wish I did have an orange car.


Julie Coast Miller said...

Your VW is 'kinda' orangish yellow, that is close enough! You sure have a creative one, funny how she takes after her parents. Must be something to do with proximity and not blood. So cool.
Have a fun week.
Cousin Julie

Dyann said...

The sketchbook is a great idea - beats the heck out of having 4000 loose pieces of paper kicking around. :)

Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

Nice to see she is so grown up that she can enjoy an entire day out and about where everyone gets to do a bit of what they love...esp. the doing it together. Loveyou.