Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wishful Thinking

I sometimes feel just a wee bit guilty that we are basking in the tropics as many people in the Northern hemisphere are putting on mukluks and winding scarves around cold, cold necks. I've never even thought to ask Sojo what kind of weather she likes...but lately I think this girl is missing a true winter. She's been asking if it's going to snow soon and hopes that when it does, it will land on the roof. Um, keep waiting, cutie.

The next best thing is to pretend that it's winter. This weekend, there have been a lot of snowball fights in the living room, and I even brought out a hat and mittens. Come to think of it, being a non-winter gal myself, a pretend winter is near brilliant.


Dyann said...

Mittens on bare ams look so, so cute. :)

popo said...

Too cute...that girl. Is that a strawberry dress or winter snow gown? We are supposed to be getting snow here in the Sedona area tomorrow night...we will probably be home Wednesday before they get the bulk of it. They are saying 3 ft in Flag. Come for a visit Sojo.

popo said...

I was hoping to see lots of snow in Sedona and send her some pics of us with snow. Not to be. in the Tucson valley...more storms coming in. Maybe we will build a snowman for Sojo.