Saturday, January 02, 2010

Santa's Green Thumb

Sojo's new red scooter (with a bell) winds up staying in our house most of the day because she toodles around the dining room table and on every open surface she can. She always seems to be in motion, and in just the week since Christmas, I'm rather blown away at how much her balance has improved. So much so that she even posed for a picture or two showing us how great she can balance.
It was such a special gift from Santa that its story is worth telling. It goes a little something like this:

Santa called us one night saying that he was having a really hard time finding a RED scooter with a bell here in Thailand, and he asked for our help. Could we maybe help him find something even close to a red scooter and then his elves could work on it and make it super special for Sojo? Well, we thought and thought, and what do you know? Just around Christmastime, there was a cleaning out of all the old, used bikes and such in our teacher housing that no one wanted anymore. And in that pile was one pink scooter (without a bell) that was a bit wonky and crooked but was still a favorite of Sojo's for a long time. As a matter of fact, she borrowed it a lot from its place in the parking lot.

Dale arranged for that scooter to be sent straight up to the North Pole for some serious TLC from Santa's elves. They must have worked really hard (I'm not sure, but it looks like maybe they took the whole thing apart, spray painted it completely, cleaned it up so lovingly, straightened out the wheels, and gave it a nice new bell) because it looked spectacular on Christmas morning.

Good on ya, Santa, for going green this year!

p.s. In case you didn't hear it in your neighborhood, but red is the new pink. At least, that is what Sojo has been telling us for about a week now. Randomly she'll spout, "I love red!" at least 2-3 times a day. Poof! the love/obsession with pink is done for now. Sorry, mom!


popo said...

Oh my goodness...what shall I do. No more dresses, no more pink. I love red though, so she is a girl after my own heart in whatever color stage she is in.

popo said...

Me again...can't believe how grown up Sojo is looking. Seems like yesterday we knew a baby and now she is a little girl. How time flies.

And about that Baba and Santa working together. Way to go. Santa does have a green thumb...saving the world, that guy is.

Anonymous said...

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