Thursday, January 07, 2010

Lumpy Lost and Found

Dale's sister Gladys brought Sojo a stuffed elephant from the Winnie the Pooh show called Lumpy. Oh, was Lumpy ever a loved toy from the minute he arrived. He went everywhere with Sojo--to the pool, to dinner, to bed. As we left the beach last week, we were about 45 minutes out of Hua Hin when Sojo was feeling sleepy and asked for Lumpy so she could cuddle. Gulp! Where was Lumpy?!?!?! Sadly, we realized that Sojo had left him on the hotel lobby couch.

We quickly called the hotel and they kindly said they would send him back to us in Bangkok, but that didn't stop Sojo from periodically wallowing in the utter sadness that Lumpy was not with us. There was even some whimpering every now and then. It was so cute and so mournful.
True to their word, the hotel sent Lumpy (yea, Hilton Hotel!) our way, and he arrived yesterday to squeals of delight. He's been properly loved and cherished and fed and hugged ever since.


popo said...

That's one happy little face. Yeah for hotels with a heart.

Leszek said...

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