Monday, January 25, 2010

Growing Up

Lately Sojo just seems so grown-up. It happened sometime over the holiday break, and I'm in awe of the transition. Her legs have grown longer, she's drawing happy faces with legs and arms (pic soon--it's beyond adorable!), and she is rambling on and on in paragraph form about life in general.

Not only is she seeming bigger, she is talking about when she is bigger. For the last few months, she will randomly tell people that when she is a big girl, she's going to go and live in China all by herself. No mama, no baba. Just her. Some days she'll turn to us and say, "I'm ready to go and live in China now." Of course, I have all these beautiful visions of her 3 year old soul wanting to reconnect with her homeland. Then, one of us asked her the other day why she wants to go back to China. Her answer was, "There's lots of toys." Ha!
The surest sign she is getting bigger is her lack of what we used to call the "bubble breakdown." Inevitably, she would lose it when we played with bubbles because she would get so frustrated. Now she goes out on the back step and blows bubbles to her heart's content. Even better when she and her friend get to wear superhero capes while doing it.


popo said...

I keep reflecting about the day we first met her...asleep on your bed. How tiny she was and now here she is living in a world of imagination and discovery all around her...growing and changing right before our eyes. What a wonderful gift to a couple of grandparents on the other side of the world.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dale and Tara.

I hope all is well with you both (and Sojo, of course)! I get constant updates from Prita about your family since Prita is so active with blogging; its so convenient!

Grandma wanted me to track you down to see if she can get a good mailing address for you. Please send me an e-mail of the address at

Thank you and Take Care,
Sean "I need to play my guitar more" McKenna

Dyann said...

I had forgotten all about that bubble frustration stage! Good thing you've got it blogged! :)

Anonymous said...


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