Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Window of Time

Last weekend at the beach was just so nice. The days went something like this: eat, pool, sea, Handy Manny, nap, eat, pool, sea, Handy Manny, sleep. It made me realize how much I am grateful for this window of time that we are in Thailand with Sojo. Who knows how long we will be here, but I adore the fact that this space in time for her is filled with sunny days, nearby beaches, outrunning waves, sand in her crevices and being plum tuckered out at the end of the day. Again, she is teaching me to be more mindful and present of where I am at this moment. And again I love that I am learning from her and growing.

One hilarious part of the weekend was the ride to the beach. We hired a van and Sojo had to pee along the way. Since we are still in that "I need to pee at this very moment" stage, we pulled out the orange sand bucket and made do. Right after it happened, Sojo said, "Can you tell me that story tonight when I go to sleep?"

Thailand never ceases to make me stop and soak up beauty. It is a very special place.
Sojo's preschool show tomorrow! All week she has been saying, "The show is coming soon!" and showing us some of her dance moves. Cannot wait!!


Dyann said...

What I love most about the peeing pic is that Sojo posed for the shot. A blogger's child, for sure! :)

popo said...

I love the way children teach us. How wise of God to know we have much to learn in this world and much of it can only be learned from children.

What fun...beaches always bring out the very best. The glistening sun upon the water and sand and the smiles and laughter of a child.

Interesting that you mentioned mindfulness...and a monk on the beach. What a beautiful blog entry from beginning to end.

Grace T. said...

Hey Sr. E.!

Is that Rayong??? My family and I were just there for the long weekend!

Hugs to everyone (esp. Sojo, who is very very cute!!)
Grace (from last year's Spanish class)