Thursday, December 31, 2009


You know how a lot of people say they could never be retired? That they would be bored. Well, we are SO not like that. We'd be awesome retired people, like almost a natural talent kind of retired person. After 4 days at the beach, we are now spending the remainder of the break (10 whole days!) here in Bangkok, doing all the little things that bring each of us joy: reading, cooking, guitaring, scootering, running, togethering. Oh, and of course, as many massages as possible. Call it a small slice of retirement.

Our trip to Hua Hin included lots of ocean time and family time--always a good combo. A small, virtually waveless cove was our beach area, and it was shallow enough for Sojo to swim around and walk way out on her own. Sort of like a vast ocean kiddie pool. She is beyond enamored with the ocean.

I am loving this new pic of Dale, doing what he loves most to do. I fell hook, line and sinker for that smile about 11 years ago. Pretty easy to see why.

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popo said...

'laxing is good for the soul. We should all do it as much and as often as possible.