Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Getting Ready

Christmas is in the air here, at least as much as it can be with shorts and t-shirts and nothing even remotely like 'black friday' or 'cyber monday.' Gotta say I'm grateful for that, but I would take a huge dose of family right now. Ok, and some new clothes that were cute and on sale as well.

I read this great book recently called Already Ready by a fabulous reading lady named Katie Wood Ray. In the book, she talks about how even the very young can be making books and stories on paper as long as we provide them the tools. The other night I put out a blank stapled book on the coffee table for Sojo and just left it there. Before I knew it, she had taken out her crayons and began these awesome big circle blob drawings of Uniqua and Tyrone (her Backyardigans friends) and then tons and tons of yeti footprints. I loved just chillin' on the couch and watching her concentrate so hard on her pictures, and then hearing her tell me what was happening on the page. I must remember to put those tools out for her more often. Coloring books are good for some things, but I really find that a blank piece of paper gives her more freedom to express herself. Ok, I did stage the photo a bit and move our centerpiece on the coffee table into the picture as Sojo made it at school. It's her jungle sculpture, and we all love it. Her school uses mostly natural materials, and the little puffball things are actually silkworm cocoons.


popo said...

Oh my...I am missing you all so much. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent in bringing your blog and life alive for us.

Julie said...

Homemade books were a staple in our house when my boys were young, they loved 'creating' books and art projects...and as long as you give the child the 'goods' they won't disappoint you. And now, with so many internet sites available to make their artwork into books, the possibilities are endless!! You can preserve it all! Enjoy these precious days and years, cousin!!