Monday, December 21, 2009


Joy, chaos and a volume that is so beyond our norm is what is filling our house these last few days, and we are loving it. Hannah and Mimi and Sojo are having a blast together. So much so that when Sojo had to come inside from the playground to go to the bathroom, she leaped off the toilet and ran back outside shouting, "Where are my friends?!?"
It's uncanny how much these two cuties look alike. Both are from the same area of China and have the most beautiful eyes. And watching them hold hands like this makes my heart so full.


popo said...

Oh my...what fun for Sojo and the girls and their mamas and babas. Great fun. I love the pics...esp. the holding hands. Chaos can be fun.

Kimbra said...

Really wishing I could have given Sojo some more kisses before we left, thanks for the photos Tara and the amazing hospitality,we are safe and sound at the beach and the Munno's send their love.