Saturday, November 14, 2009

Naked Superhero!

We're still fully in the fantasy imagination stage over here and loving it. Just this week a new character joined us. Let's give a big welcome to...Naked Superhero! (she saves the day a lot!) Not sure why the naked part is important, but it's becoming a nightly routine. A big thanks to my mom who made the cool superhero capes. Can you guess who this character is? It's from a movie that we all love dearly. Think robot-obsessed kid meets robot in movie about saving the earth. Yup, that's Wall-E herself squeezing out a brick just like in the movie.

This is one phase we'd love to see last a long time. The other phase Sojo is going through where she procrastinates going to bed and cries a lot when she doesn't get her way--well, that one can pass by tomorrow.


popo said...

Oh Sojo, you make your Popo smile. You are the most amazing super hero of all. Yeah for you for saving the world and making us smile.

Dyann said...

That WALL-E impersonation takes the cake!

Mojo said...