Saturday, November 28, 2009

Life of Late

Life of late is busy. Too busy. The balance we strive for is a bit off-kilter, and that's just blah! Thankfully we have a long weekend coming up and then an even longer Christmas holiday shortly after that. In the meantime, we've been enjoying after-dinner bike rides (loving my new sherbert orange bike--puts a skip in my daily ride to school), picnics on the lily pads Dale made us all on the floor, and general happiness about the somewhat cooler weather in Bangkok.


popo said...

What a wonderful way to end my day...spending it checking out what you are all up to. Looks like lots of fun. Love that orange sherbet bike. No more pedal malfunctions! Hugs all around.

Kimbra said...

Just showed Hannah the latest pics of Sojo.
She said
"ohhhhh, Sojo's so cute, she's so big. Wow, she can ride a bike with training wheels. Cool, look how long her hair is."
I too spun out about the hair, hadn't seen it out like that in any other pics, Mimi still attached to the bowl on her head!
xxx soon xxx

Mojo said...

Nice new bike! The chain does not skip gears now? Awesome.