Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

What a blast we had last night. We have a routine that Sojo plays by herself while Dale and I finish dinner, and while she was doing so, we heard rumblings of something going on and then watched her climb the toy shelf. Then she shouted out, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN..." and said something else random about an audience. "Can I do a show?" she asked us. Uh, you bet you can!

What started out as just cute ended up being her putting on a 'show' for us for about an hour. Mainly, the show consisted of her climbing up the toy shelf, shouting 'Ladies and Gentlemen!,' singing twinkle twinkle little star with a few added lines of a random invented song, and then jumping off the middle shelf... ...over and over and over, like most of everything in our lives right now. But it was so much fun. "Can I do another show?" she asked us again and again.

Dale joined in the show for the grand finale (it's starting to look like a 3 year old version of Cirque de Soleil) and this gave her the chance to do the big jumps off the top. I already have visions of shows as she gets older with signs and tickets and all that fun stuff. And perhaps even some small parts for the parents as well. Great childhood memories of our neighborhood shows in New York running through my head. Such fun, that whole kid thing.


popo said...

Good golly molly...I hope we have first row seats when the tickets go on sale. Too cute...that girl...too cute.

Is that shorts I see on her? When did that happen?

Dyann said...

I think you'll be spending many hours this way as the years go on....glad you're enjoying it! :)