Saturday, November 21, 2009

Drumroll please...

Our sweet little family is on its way to becoming a family of four. We are diving in again, and the adoption process has been started here in Thailand for a little brother. The craziest part of all is that we are told it will be only about 6 months until he is with us because we live here in Thailand. Even if it winds up to be longer, it is tremendously less than the wait in other countries. The timeline here is such that we should get a photo of him 3-4 months after the dossier is submitted and then a few months later, he can live with us. The Thai government will then check on us for the next 6 months, and then he can officially be in our family. We'll do the US required paperwork alongside the Thai requirements.

Sojo was super keen on the idea for a long time, even talking about him when she played hide and seek. "maybe i can play with my little brother. i can say 'where are you little brother?'" just melted my heart. Lately, though, the novelty has worn off and she has been telling us that she wants to be by herself sometimes. No worries, sweetie, we all do sometimes.


Kate said...

Oh my! Your little brother will be with you long before our little sister, but both our Kunming daughters with have a Thai sibling!
Wonderful news, congratulations, smiling for you in Wales,
Kate x

popo said...

Be still my heart. I get so excited when I think of another grand child and a boy. I say, "bring 'em on". I know just how Sojo feels...sometimes, you just need a little alone time.