Monday, October 12, 2009

Quality Potty Time

We stayed close to home this weekend so Sojo could get used to wearing underwear. Boy, did she do a great job once she decided that the potty is her friend. Note the accoutrements needed to sit on the potty--true Sojo style there. She even went to preschool today in underwear and didn't have a single accident. Still wondering how this determined nature will pan out in the teen years...

And as you can see, my folks are having a good time. Truly one of the best things about Thailand, at-home massages make it easy to impress guests and make them feel relaxed.


Anonymous said...

Poor Sojo! I can see her being so embarressed in her teen years with this picture! You guys are too much!! But, good for her, determination is definitely NOT a bad thing to have.
Julie Coast Miller

Kate said...

Well done everyone - potty training's a huge step (and one that I found intimidating to even think about!)
It sounds like it's going well, what worked for Alice was to choose the first undies of the day (having chosen them from the shops, but then I choose subsequent ones and make sure they're the plain ones), princess knicks are still very popular and it helped to encourage her to keep the princesses dry!
Kate x

Anonymous said...

Remember those massages!!!! Enjoy!
Nie Nie