Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was inevitable. Vacation had to come to an end, sand had to be shaken out of our shoes, and my parents had to go back home. I did mention more than once that Thailand is a very popular place to retire...

Our last few days were spent in the beautiful river town of Kanchanaburi, about 3 hours from Bangkok. We did a few touristy things like the tiger temple and Erawan falls. The tiger temple sounded like a good idea: a refuge where monks have taken in orphaned tigers and raised them to be somewhat tame. Was a bit too contrived for me, plus Sojo kept talking about how funky the whole place smelled, and we were outside in the wild. Whoa! I did manage to get another great tattoo photo of a monk. The tattoos here are so intricate and often done with a piece of sharpened bamboo.

We've a few days left with Matt and Cathy before more goodbyes. Soaking up the time together until then.

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popo said...

Missing you all and feeling oh so torn between two places.

Thanks for the memories