Saturday, October 31, 2009

One More Adventure

Before Matt and Cathy leave this week, we wanted to have one more adventure. At the last minute, we decided to take off to a nearby city called Ayutthaya. It was once the capital of Thailand and is filled with gorgeous Khmer ruins from the 14th century.
After walking around in the blazing heat taking a gazillion Buddha photos, we headed to an elephant farm for a ride in the fields around the pagodas. These orange umbrellas over our heads made me feel as if I were in colonial India. But the highlight of the day for Sojo (who did a rockin' job all day of being a trooper!) was when she met a 4-month old tiger cub and got to feed him a bottle. I know, crazy, but it was beautiful to watch her experience this. She talked about it all day, and it was the story she asked for tonight before going to bed.
We topped off the long day with a small trick-or-treat excursion. Such a great day.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It was inevitable. Vacation had to come to an end, sand had to be shaken out of our shoes, and my parents had to go back home. I did mention more than once that Thailand is a very popular place to retire...

Our last few days were spent in the beautiful river town of Kanchanaburi, about 3 hours from Bangkok. We did a few touristy things like the tiger temple and Erawan falls. The tiger temple sounded like a good idea: a refuge where monks have taken in orphaned tigers and raised them to be somewhat tame. Was a bit too contrived for me, plus Sojo kept talking about how funky the whole place smelled, and we were outside in the wild. Whoa! I did manage to get another great tattoo photo of a monk. The tattoos here are so intricate and often done with a piece of sharpened bamboo.

We've a few days left with Matt and Cathy before more goodbyes. Soaking up the time together until then.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time In Paradise

After a few days of absolute paradise in Phuket, we are back in Bangkok only for the day to do laundry, rest up and do some shopping before we are off again tomorrow. This time, we're headed back to Kanchanaburi but doing some more exploring of the area.

The fabulous Mojo found us a gem of a hotel at the end of a one-lane road at the southern tip of Phuket island, and we each stayed in a bungalow that had jungle behind us and that dreamed-about blue ocean to the front. Needless to say, we were thinking of ways to all move there (and of course get Seanie Boy, our brother, to come join us!) We spent hours on the beach, found piles of sea glass, chased hermit crabs and soaked up the sun. Dale and I even had the chance to head out on a scooter adventure with Mojo and Cathy since the grandparents offered to babysit. Good, good times.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Two Libras

I love that Dale and Sojo's birthdays are only four days apart. When we first saw Sojo's life information written down, it made us smile so big to know that they were so close in birth. Selfishly, I love the balanced nature of my two Libras.

To celebrate Dale's 42nd (how is that possible?!?!, says his much younger wife), we were gluttons--his favorite 7 layer dip and a carrot cake were on the menu as birthday treats.

And in reading news, how much do I love when I bring home a book that Sojo totally connects with? Sojo has a thing for robots, and often acts like one, so I knew that this book would be a hit. Dale, or super baba, quickly took the fan box and turned it into a robot costume. We read the book over and over and over...and over.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Quality Potty Time

We stayed close to home this weekend so Sojo could get used to wearing underwear. Boy, did she do a great job once she decided that the potty is her friend. Note the accoutrements needed to sit on the potty--true Sojo style there. She even went to preschool today in underwear and didn't have a single accident. Still wondering how this determined nature will pan out in the teen years...

And as you can see, my folks are having a good time. Truly one of the best things about Thailand, at-home massages make it easy to impress guests and make them feel relaxed.

Friday, October 09, 2009


Turning 3 was a big hit! From the early morning wakeup ("Is it my birthday now?") and her very own doctor's kit to the pink dinosaur cake that popo and gong gong helped make, it was a great day. But the funniest part of the whole day has to do with bodily functions.

For some time now, Sojo has had zero desire to be potty trained. Like, to the point of crying if we even ask her to wear underwear or try using the potty. So, as with everything with her, we let her go at her own pace. She seems to know when she wants to do things. My mom asked her a few days ago when she was going to start going on the potty and she announced, "When I'm three." Sure enough, she wore underwear almost all day yesterday, but really just did all the bathroom stuff in the underwear and never tried to get to the potty. This morning, on her third birthday, mom and dad sent me an email at school that on her 3rd birthday, she pooped on the potty. Came home to see that cute little butt not covered with a diaper anymore. Let the games begin!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Welcome PoPo and Gong Gong

So glad to have my mom and dad here for a while. Sojo spent most of the first day showing them every single thing she owns and then said, "I have a room, too!" and showed them that. Very, very cute to see them together, and I always get a huge dose of homesickness when family is close. They informed us that most of their suitcase room was stuff for us and Sojo. Like this awesome 'scary purple dinosaur' Halloween costume that Sojo had to put on the minute she saw it. And my teeth hurt from all the candy corn I've eaten today. Oops--supposed to be for Sojo's bday cake. Must remember to save some...Bizarrely enough, Sojo wound up getting super sick the first night they were here, just like she did exactly 2 years ago when they came to China. She's on the mend now, thankfully. Now only 2 weeks until my brother Mojo and Cathy come. Woo Hoo!