Saturday, September 12, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Lately, we are just in the groove with our weekends. Between lunchtime picnics, discovering our plastic table can double as a water table (hours of fun!) and good 'ol family time, it feels so smooth and easy. I love how this photo shows the trail of fun all the way out the door last weekend.
On a cultural note, while riding our bikes to the mall, I've noticed this house before with a row of water bottles all lined up and ready to go. But go where, I wondered? Came to find out they are put out for the monks. Every morning, very early, the monks are dropped off in various neighborhoods with their begging bowls, receiving food from the locals as is the custom in Buddhist countries. It is a beautiful sight to see if you happen upon it here: orange-robed monks silently walking single file down a road holding their bowls. These water bottles are for them to pick up on their way. Lovely, eh?

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popo said...

Can't wait to explore your neighborhood and see sights like the water bottles, etc.

Never thought about the table being used as a water table. Makes sense...not just for storage. Love the pic of the water pouring out, unknown to Sojo down the front and off the table.

Quiet Sat morn when I could sleep late. Got up...just to check the blog for pics and stories.