Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Squirrel

Meet Baby Squirrel.

She doesn't know how to walk yet, hence the reason she is crawling up the stairs.

She communicates through a very cute, albeit high-pitched squeal.

She even drinks baby squirrel milk. Strangely, it looks like water.

We are three months into the coolest stage of acting in character. Just the other day, we were walking down the stairs when Sojo stopped and announced, "I'm a baby egg and I'm hatching." She then went through some sort of egg hatching process that involved squishing her face up and clenching her fists, and then informed me that some of the pieces fell on the stairs behind her. Add 'eggshell' to her expanding vocabulary.

The best part is that she goes to sleep as one animal...let's say, the baby squirrel. So the next morning, you say something like, "Morning, baby squirrel!" and she looks at you like you are completely batty and says, "I'm not a baby squirrel! I'm a nice chicken!"

Of course you are, sweetie.


popo said...

can't wait to meet baby squirrel and her friends ... soon...

Anonymous said...

Your posts always bring a smile to my face...oh, how I wish to go back to those days! Sounds like you are having the 'best of times' with your Sojo. Give her a big hug from me. I am sure you have been feeding her mind with a variety of characters from many books for her to be so wonder what will be next...
Cousin Julie in PA

Dan said...

Loved reading about Sojo and seeing the pix of your tropical life. So, so different are our current landscapes...desert vs. lush. But, how similar are our everyday lives! Finn is doing the pretending things as well. I look forward to the day when Isla gets to the independent play stage, and I can sit back occasionally and watch them play together. xo