Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watching the Clock

Sojo is having a devil of a time sleeping through the night for the last few months, and her parents are feeling very, very tired from getting up so many times in the wee hours. So on a whim the other night, I took down the clock and started talking to Sojo about how she goes to bed when the small hand is on the 7 and gets up when it's on the 6 (I don't think we're ever going to see any number bigger than 6 for a wake-up until she's a teenager!). Now she's interested every night in taking down the clock and going over the drill. I can't say there's been a huge improvement, but I love her eternal optimism--it doesn't matter how many times she has woken us up during the night, when it's finally light outside she is incredibly proud that she "slept till the birdies woke up."

The plan is to order this cool alarm clock for her and have my parents bring it over in October when they visit.

The only bright spot with lots of midnight wake-ups is the snuggling that takes place. There really is nothing like a child's hand resting on you. The trust and love spoken in that casual resting is one of my favorite things about being a mom.


Kate said...

We've been having real issues with sleep too. Alice wakes hysterical and the crying gets worse the longer it takes to get to her.
In January she went into a Big Girl's Bed, by June she was back in her cot and for most of this month she's been in my bed, we've recently rearranged my bedroom and she now has a special bed at the bottom of my bed. It's not perfect, but it's better than it was before and I get my own bed to myself!
I'm hoping that it's just a phase, but with a change of school coming up I'm not pushing WHERE she sleeps at the moment, as long as we both get sleep I'm happy for now.
Good luck, with love from Wales,

popo said...

Good luck. You may not get a good night's sleep until she leaves for college. What I wouldn't do for a little snuggle right now.