Sunday, August 09, 2009

Back in the Saddle

The flip-flop tans (pic of me, the bros, Cathy and Dale) are fading as we are back to work, and we are finally back in the swing of things in regards to sleep and routines and blogging.
Upon returning to Bangkok, we met a new little friend living right next door (and I mean like two feet away in our teacher apts.--just perfect for popping in). His name is Morgan, and he and Sojo are just two months apart and hit it off immediately. The first time they played, Sojo kept walking over to him and petting his hair before heading back to her own play. So adorable.
And one more thing discovered when we returned...the baby in Sojo is gone. Disappeared in the wind somewhere this summer and was replaced with a little girl. A little girl who is also starting to notice literacy in her world. She spies the "Sojo letter" everywhere lately, and I love her genuine awe when she stumbles upon an S or the "mama letter" of T.
And now she has a cool place in her room to practice writing and drawing. Dale and I have a running joke that he is forever offering to modify furniture in our house by sawing the legs off of something. It's a bit of a wacky fixation of his, but this time his dream came true when he modified Sojo's bulky easel and put the pieces on the wall.


Mojo said...

Back in the saddle. Yes we are. Good times...good times.

popo said...

I recognize some of those toes. I think I may have even played a few games of "this little piggie" with at least 3 sets.

So nice to see you all settled in and Sojo loving her familiarity. A new friend...always good. Reminds me of you and Pat a few years back. You are only 2 months apart. I hope Sojo and Morgan have a long friendship like that.

Dyann said...

I love the wall-mounted easel! It seems that Sojo likes it, too... :) Glad you have so many summer memories to keep you smiling as you begin a new school year!

PS: Chad and I have started to have the "We should go back overseas..." talks. So, maybe our path will cross yours one of these days. :)