Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is the first summer Sojo has been aware enough of her surroundings to realize that we are not at her home in Bangkok, which she calls the 'white house.' Because of this, there have been some transition issues on this trip, starting with a middle of the night screaming of "I want to go to the white house" on one of the first nights back. She seems to be settling in more (albeit with continuing sleep issues), but I imagine it's confusing to her. Bangkok to Port Townsend, then Tucson, and in a few days, back to Port Townsend. Add three pretty yucky allergic reactions of hives on her belly to the mix, and let's just say mama and baba aren't getting all that summer sleep we were hoping for. No matter, though. Just want her to be in harmony with her surroundings. The hives are new, and the only connection we can find is contact with a dog right before they appeared each time. The first time she had the hives was in Port Townsend, and its newness prompted us to take her to the doctor. Unfortunately, it was the day we were without a car or a phone. I went to a neighbor's house, and she drove us to the emergency room where we were greeted by a wonderful staff who took good care of us. The comical part was walking the mile back to our house with Sojo and a carseat in tow. Did I mention we live at the top of a rather steep hill? Gotta love the commitment to walking this summer!

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Maybe my package will make her smile and you two can get some sleep!! Enjoy the summer days.