Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm a Baby Giraffe

There is this very sweet phase going on in Sojo's life right now--she pretends to be a different animal for most of the day, and she wants you to refer to her as that animal. She'll simply announce, "I'm a baby porcupine fish" or "I'm a baby giraffe." I'm thinking it's a developmental thing b/c we went to dinner last night and met another girl who was pretending to be a horse. Love it!
Life in the desert is lovely. Blue skies, manageable temperatures and it's wonderful to reconnect with family.

Plus, Sojo has been waiting for some time for her cool new robot pajamas that were waiting for her here. I've been waiting for the groovy new slippers I ordered for her from this site--fair trade, felt and fabulous for the cold floors of Washington.

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