Thursday, June 18, 2009

All is Well

All is well in our funky and fabulous new town. The cynic in me thought that towns like this didn't exist anymore, and I stand completely corrected. From the mailman who came to introduce himself while I was reading on the porch to the new neighbor who offered to loan us her car until we get ours, it is simple and sweet and what more of life and living and community should be like. It feels incredibly nourishing for the soul.
Things we are loving so far:

Playgrounds within walking distance. A funny part is that there is a lot of bark chips used in Washington, so when Sojo saw it for the first time, with her shovel and bucket in hand, she announced, "This sand is kinda weird!"
Walking, walking, walking. It's a walking town, and I love that no one looks at me funny with my cloth bags and trolley in hand. Sojo is a big walker as well and has no problem hoofing it with me and Dale all over the place.
After leaving the land we lived on for the last 4 years, we were afraid we'd miss nature a bit. Imagine our surprise when we realized we have seen more deer in a week on the streets of our town than in 4 summers in the woods. With the deer and the ocean just a short walk away, we're just fine. Off to Arizona tomorrow for ten days with popo and gong gong. Take off the fleeces and pack the sundresses!


popo said...

I love the "this sand is kind of wierd". Too funny. See you tomorrow. Off to sleep...just this one last wake up and we get to have you in our arms again. It has been far too long.

Mojo said...

Can't wait for that Pt. Townsend feel.