Saturday, June 20, 2009

All the Cool Kids Have One

One of the first items on our agenda in our new town was to get a library card. I mean, all the cool kids have them, right? The library is just a short walk from our house, and we headed down there to get the card a few days ago. The sweet librarian even let Sojo sit on the counter and do some stamping. Sojo loved it, but I realized quickly that she only hangs out in my library and usually after hours, and I don't mind that she runs around and does her own thing, usually involving noise. Um, not really what you are supposed to do in most libraries. Oops! After telling her numerous times to be more mellow, she had a tiny meltdown, we made a quick exit to chat about how to behave, and then we were back on track.

Left with lots of good books and one that is cracking her up-- The Doghouse. Must order this for the Bangkok library.

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