Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beating the Bangkok Heat

Yikes! It's getting hotter and hotter here. The A/C is back on, cool showers in the mornings, yet we are told that the hot season doesn't truly arrive until April. Kinda hard to imagine how hot that will be. In the meantime, we are spending as much time as possible chasing after our little diva in the pool.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Cool Connection

Last summer, we bought a groovy old house in our favorite hippie town, and we can't wait to move in this summer and lead a pretty eco-friendly life with lots of walking and good living. The house has a studio that has beautiful natural light, and one day my mother-in-law found a note on the studio door. A woman in the area wanted to rent it for her repurposed clothing business. We wrote back and forth, and it was a match in cyber-heaven: we swapped family photos, seem very like-minded, and I love her style in designing clothes with an eco-twist.

I ordered a few treats tonight from Jenny's website, Madrone Berries. As we swelter in the Bangkok heat, I'm having cooler visions of walking to the farmer's market this summer in my funky new skirt, holding hands with Sojo strolling along in her groovy new hat I got for her.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As promised, the bath video...

Friday, February 20, 2009

What's Gonna Happen Mama?!?!?

"What's gonna happen, mama?!?!?" "What's gonna happen??" screeched in a loud voice by Sojo.

Hard not to adore that she always knows exactly what will happen next, but she loves to have us guess what's coming. Seems she just wants us to predict for her.

In the bathtub the other night, she asked us over and over what was gonna happen as she lifted the water pitcher...The video is the best, but the darned internet is giving us problems this week. Grrr! Doesn't it know we have grandparents far away that need to see a video every now and then?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slapstick Humor

Maybe it's the age, but there is some serious silliness going on in our household of late. Sojo's got a real knack for the slapstick humor, and she cracks herself up constantly and then says, "Silly!" This then cracks us up, which just eggs her on. I fear she may become a huge fan of Laurel and Hardy movies. Her latest that is killing us is when she hikes her skirt up really high and then walks around laughing hysterically.And Dale came up with a silly game called Sleeping Tiger that they play over and over. One person is the sleeping tiger, and when you tiptoe over to that person, he or she roars and you run away. This also causes maniacal laughter...over and over.Less silly, but still somehow making her laugh out loud is the new favorite book in our house called A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza. Sweet as can be with a nice interracial adoption message tucked inside. If only getting her to put away her toys was as hilariously fun!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Package Love

A sweet package full of love from home arrived today. The most beautiful afternoon light caught her reveling in every single item from the package from popo and gong gong, from the 'bran new' outfit to the new crayons to the veggie booty on the table. The whole thing made me so grateful and so homesick at the same time. Packages rock! Thanks, mom and dad.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Big Race

Our school does community service really well. It seems there's always something going on during lunch or after school raising money for a local charity, and it is so cool for kids to go to school knowing that giving back is an integral part of their lives. Our high school students donate 100 hours of community service as a graduation requirement, which makes for a really well-rounded teenager in my opinion.

This week, the school had a fun run to raise money to sponsor local Thai children and send them to school. It was organized to honor the memories of twin first graders who died in the tsunami in 2004. Job and Maria were ISB teacher kids, and it was beautiful to see the community coming together to honor them. Sojo ran with her baba and was quite excited about it. She loved the sideline cheering, but tripped and fell during the very short race and had a small crying episode. I was on the side taking pictures when she yelled for me to join them, so we all crossed the finish line together. The only person we actually beat was a woman with twins strapped to her chest in a Bjorn while holding her two year old's hand. Ha!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Few Discoveries

Our weekend away was good fun with a few new discoveries thrown in. The hotel we booked on the beach was overbooked, so they upgraded us to a golf resort away from the beach instead. We loved being a bit spoiled with a suite (oh the joy of not having to tiptoe around a sleeping child while getting ready for bed!), a super fancy pool with a water slide and hardly anyone in it, and a gorgeous golf course to boot. Dad, this is where we will go when you and mom come to visit!
Courtney and I also discovered "Thai Old Coffee," which I think might be a slightly off translation of 'old-fashioned' coffee. It's sweetened condensed milk on the bottom and thick coffee poured on top. You really can't go wrong when you add sweetened condensed milk to anything. I've been known to spoon it right out of the can. Dangerous stuff...

Sojo's coming down with something and has been feverish and coughing for a few days now. It's easy to tell when she's not well because she slows down, and she never slows down. Even with feeling a bit off, she still had a good time this weekend. She's quite the trooper, that girl.
*Parental Disclaimer: Sojo is NOT coming down the water slide by herself. Look again--those are Dale's feet. I mean, she's independent, sure, but that's a bit too much! :)

Friday, February 06, 2009

My Mom, The Author

Something happened to my mom when she turned 60.

It was as if a lifetime of amazing thoughts, dreams, writings, and callings came bubbling to the surface like some sort of forest hot spring. Almost three years later, she leads womens' retreats, is a labryinth facilitator, and most recently, a published author of womens' prayers. Oh, that has a sweet ring to it-- my mom, the author. And in her own ever-humble way, I can hear in her voice a young girl's glee at all that life continues to bestow upon her.

A note about my mother will say, "it's not a maze. Mazes are confusing and you can't get out. A labryinth has a definite way in and a way out." Sojo might be one of the only toddlers who knows what a labryinth is, and she tends to see them whenever rocks are aligned a certain way. I can't wait until she walks it in Tucson again this summer.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovin' a Music Man

Dale is away for a few days on a school trip, and we miss him like crazy around here. I've been meaning to do a post about how fabulous and fun of a music guy he is, so this is the perfect time. Since he brings his guitar with him everywhere, more often than not, he winds up with some sort of gig at the hotel where we are staying. Over the December break, he wound up playing at our hotel in Koh Samui to an international crowd that went a bit nuts about him and his music. You'll see here that the Bulgarians in the crowd LOVED him! And look at that gorgeous smile of his, loving every minute of the fun.One more groovy thing about him is that he's a big part of the school community wherever we go. That's him as the front of the lion dance for the Chinese New Year celebration at school. A true sacrifice to wear a white Chinese polyester outfit in the tropics.In other news, guess who actually peed on the toilet? And not just the nightly sit before the bath where she tells me, "I feel it coming out," but really, nothing ever does. I think we were both equally surprised the other night when something actually did come out. Big cheers all around.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dreamworld Afternoon

In Bangkok, there is a Disney-ish knockoff theme park called Dreamworld. To break up the weekend a bit, we decided to check it out. It turned out to be perfect: not too big, not too crowded, and a lot of cheesiness!

Highlights of the trip...

The bright pink bench found in the "love garden." Our favorite pink freak ran to this bench to have her picture taken.

Baba trying to win his girl a prize. He was as cute as a high-school boy trying to win Sojo a large Tigger stuffed animal. Sorry to say she didn't come home with one, but not for a lack of trying on her sweet baba's part.
Feeding the goats and cows. We bought random bunches of leaves to feed them.
This is really the only ride she went on today. It seemed ok at the time to put her in the car for this very short ride, but as soon as it lurched forward, we changed our minds when we saw her face. Analyzing it a bit, it was the first time that she had ever 'left' us in her mind. She didn't cry but just looked a bit stricken for a minute. In the end, she was totally fine and had a good time steering the car. Maybe we'll hold off on rides for a while, though.
And what's a day at a theme park without ice cream? We headed to our local coffee shop that serves sherbert after the park. So yummy we even got her to say cheese and smile.