Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend Fun

Just a short bike ride away from our house, there is a small horse farm, so we headed out there this weekend for a mini-adventure. A teacher at school owns it, so it was no problem to wander aimlessly through the stable area checking things out. Sojo was fascinated by the horses, especially the ones who wouldn't pay attention to us. One poor anti-social fellow named Piper got many extra hellos from Sojo because she wouldn't take the hint. Highlights of the 'venture' were touching a horse's nose, the blowing he did on her hand, and seeing horse poop for the first time. We've been told that when we come back next, a pony ride is in order. Yippee!
On a botanical note, I've been coveting a neighbor's purple orchid for some time now and found one for myself recently at a weekend market. Just the perfect splash of color outside the window to make me smile every day. Look at those roots!Preschool update: Rather hard to get an answer to "How was your day?" with a 2 year old. The day we saw the elephant, the only thing we heard was that she ate crackers. Today we got that she and a boy named Noah climbed (?) high on the playground and it was 'a little spooky.' Spooky is one of our favorite words from Sojo. She usually uses it when she enters a dark room, but when she said it today, it makes me think it's when she's feeling a bit scared. I love how she is becoming more able to articulate her emotions.


Ingrid said...

I have orchid envy now!

Dyann said...

Tara, you should submit that photo of Sojo's hand to the "still life with a bit of a person" contest mentioned on soulemama. It's beautiful.

Dyann said...

I guess a horse doesn't exactly qualify as still, though :)

popo said...

I don't know which is more beautiful...the orchid or that sweet Sojo. Having seen both...I still don't know. Being the Popo...I think I still vote for Sojo.

Have missed keeping up while in PA, but have looked every day or two. Can't stay away too long.