Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Sojo Fun Peeschool"

We are so fortunate to have a wonderful preschool near our house, and it follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy of learning. Although Sojo just turned two, it's for early learners and centered around art and exploration, not academics, so we went to check it out on Friday as they have an opening. Sojo loved it--from the play structure and beach sand outside to the play kitchen and the huge basket of little animals inside.

On the way back home on our bikes, Sojo announced, "Sojo fun peeschool," so we knew it was a hit. She'll go two mornings a week starting in a few weeks. We could tell she was ready when she took her Curious George lunchbox and headed off on another of her "trips" around the dining room table--this time she told us she was going to preschool.


Red said...

The Reggio Emilia vision is my dream for education. I have been following it for years and try, in my own way to implement the philosophies in my class room. My hope is that even though, right now it is looked at as a format for pre/primary education that we could carry it right through to the end of our learning days ie forever.

It is rare to meet people who know of Reggio let alone get it. I am excited for Sojo. The most inspiring art exhibit that I have been to in years was in Toronto 2007, Reggio Emilia, the town itself and birthplace of this education philosophy brought an exhibit to town. I spent hours there and left with such HOPE for education.

popo said...

Isn't it interesting that your introduction to Reggio Emilia was right here in Tucson the year you were what was it...2000
Seeing Sojo with her Curious George lunchbox, taking a trip just tickles me. She is going to love it. Lots of dinner table conversation will begin. What fun and what an opportunity for learning in such a wonderful way. Can't wait to see blogs about it.

Mojo and Caffee said...

Congrats on Peeschool Sojo! Don't forget your cup of Caffee on your way to school.

Dyann said...

I love the way that Sojo is so sure of herself!