Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Real-Life Horton Sighting

When we arrived home from school yesterday, I couldn't find Sojo and Momo, so I decided to head to the corner store right outside our gate to buy juice. When I got to the gate, what did I see on the other side but a crowd of kids around an elephant--with Sojo front and center feeding her sugar cane like this happens every day of her life. This practice of random elephants and their owners roaming neighborhoods is a bit controversial in Thailand, but it's hard to refuse feeding a very pregnant elephant, and no way could we refuse a kid who loves elephants like Sojo does.Sojo was in elephant heaven, and it makes for a great first day of preschool story for years to come. We will always remember the 'tail' light as she walked away.


popo said...

What a first day of school story. I doubt anyone will be able to beat that. Truly a "real life Horton Sighting". I loved the pic of her with her feet off the ground with the pure joy and excitement. And the one with just the slightest hint of caution. I imagine you will have many requests to go and look for Horton again. Oh, to have been there. Not even a wee bit scarey though??? You wouldn't find that on our street:)

Dyann said...

I also LOVE the pic of Sojo in mid-air. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! The photos tell the whole story. I am not sure which is cuter the jumping for joy or Sojo's expression as she is feeding the elephant! I want to find an elephant on my street ... especially one with a tail light! A true classic :) JW