Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's in the Details

As we live day to day with this sweet little girl, we get so into the moment that I fear we will forget some of the details of her burgeoning personality when she is older.Like...

how we love her current method of counting...1, 2, 4, 19, 20. The 19,20 is courtesy of the ending numbers of her time-outs. When we hit 20, she is free to go. The 1, 2, 4 is just the way she wants to say it. Even if we say 1, 2, 3, she counters with 1, 2, 4. Truly love the spunkiness.

how she reads so voraciously already and has begun reading to us. Our mutual love of wordless picture books and the sweetness I savor when we read The Story of a Mango and she talks about the Indian man's turban. The seeds of global understanding are being planted.

how she now pretends to take a walk to Chimacum with her hands behind her back like a grandpa on a Sunday stroll.

how she does this cute fake cry and then asks herself, "you ok?"

and how some nights,as we put her to sleep, she calls out in the darkness--'love you.' Yeah, that one we'll never forget.


popo said...

Oh my...yes, we try so hard to remember it all. Some things stay safely in our minds...yet, others we search for and cannot find. Treasure it all now...write as much as possible down for her, yet don't worry too much...when she turns 40 you may not remember all the details, but the joy will always remain in your heart. Do you know anyone soon to turn 40?

Anonymous said...

The joy is so evident in both of you as you savor the precious moments of parenthood. Nothing like it!! Sojo is so blessed by you both...and you both are blessed by her presence in your lives. The words of Love forever linger in your hearts...just like a little girl in Hyde Park saying..." I love You one more than the highest number (spoken by Little Miss Tara years ago, but never forgotten) Love, Dad &Gong Gong!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to help us remember! The joy and love shared by all of you and your family and friends near and far Love Nie Nie

Ingrid said...

You think you'll remember because it is the most important thing possible...but they do slip away and are replaced by keeping a record is just wonderful...keep doing it!
The counting is great, I just love it when they decide they are going to do do it their way, cause that is what makes sense to them right now!
She has a good head on her shoulders that one!

Anonymous said...

Sojo will be so happy that you are keeping a journal of her journey in life. My boys still love looking at the memories I wrote down as they were growing up -- and they are 24 and 22! I think it was your Dad and Mom who told me that they gave each of you (Tara, Sean and Matt) a story of your life when you turned 21, so I stole the idea for Will and Cody's graduation from high school. Priceless! They keep their books at my home so they don't get "lost" in their many moves. From their 'baby books': Like 'popping Wheelies' on a bike -Cody thought it was 'popping Willies' and he wanted to 'pop a Cody' - too funny.
Cody thought his name was Codyiam, since Willie's name was William. The spoken words I can still hear in my head.
Enjoy! This time is so precious...
Love you!
Cousin Julie in Pennsylvania (our Indian Summer is now over and the cold weather is soon upon us - beware AZ Russells who are coming our way)