Monday, November 17, 2008

First Day of School

Waiting for the bus
The blur that was Sojo when she arrived at preschool
What a big day! I had first period free, so I got to ride the bus with Sojo and drop her off at her first day of preschool. A quick rundown of the morning...writing snippets will prevent me from writing a short novel about the morning.

1. We made sure to get the shoe color combo ready early so as not to make us late at the last minute

2. She insisted on wearing the Horton t-shirt (thanks, Paree and Josiah!) and then proclaimed, "I cute!" Seems her self-esteem was intact for the first day

3. The bus arrived late, but finally it arrived. Sojo LOVES riding on busses. It's actually just a mini-van, but still, in her mind, it's a bus.

4. I was way at the front and Sojo was way at the back, so I got to listen to her ramble on and on to herself. Once she yelled out, "I riding on a bus, mommy!"

5. And, being the free spirit that she is, she ran off the bus and onto the playground with all the other kids. Did her own thing, climbed the highest point she could on the playground, and managed to give me a high five and a smooch before I took off. I had visions of her asking for her own apartment at 12 due to her hyper-independence.

6. Report from teacher Amy was that the day was good. She did well with food (this was a worry b/c she can't eat some of the provided snacks, but she was a champ and is really starting to just accept what she can't eat), cried just a bit every now and then, but overall did well.

7. Only worry from teacher Amy is the scratching that Sojo does with her eczema. We notice that when she is a bit stressed, she scratches more, and there was some scratching done today. We recommended having her hold something in each hand as she loves that. At the end of the first day of preschool, we guess it's better for her to scratch herself than to scratch someone else.

8. Of course we wondered what Sojo's opinion of the day was, but something else kind of overshadowed the coolness of preschool, and we never got a straight answer. This is what we came upon when we found Sojo after school.

You certainly don't see this everyday. More details coming tomorrow...


Ingrid said...

Well done Sojo on first day! I loved the "I cute" comment, self esteem is everything!

And the elephant!!! Oh my goodness, that is the first picture in my head from when I was 3 and we lived in India.... what a memory jolt that was! Delighted Sojo has this to see!

popo said...

Horton on her shirt and then the "real" Horton later in the day. Could her day get any better? Well, ours sure started out great...getting to see pics of the day and hear all about it. Can't wait to hear more. Sounds like her first day will be a story to tell throughout her years. My goodness...what fun!

popo said...

Is the elephant right there by Kuhn Sally's? don't see that everyday. Certainly not here in Tucson. Ha! Ha! What did she say....tell us more about all of it...from preschool to the elephant.