Friday, November 14, 2008

Caught on Tape

This little rascal does not like to be on camera, so we had to think of a devious way to get her new song, "twinkle, twinkle," on video. Note Dale's camera angle as it was hidden near his dinner plate. I also will own up and say that I offered a carrot muffin if she sang the song (you can hear her asking for it at the end).

Funny how when it's your kid, the words sound so clear and exactly like the song. Let's just say it takes a few times of listening to get the whole thing, but it seriously melted our hearts.


Anonymous said...

Too precious!!
Bribery will get you for me. I gave my 'boss' a jar of green tomato relish (Grandma Russell's Recipe) and got a nice bonus out of it.
Cousin Julie

popo said...

I have watched it five times already and laugh till I cry each time. I can see us coming in her all day long to watch it over and over and over again. I cannot believe how in one short month since I was there, she can now sing an entire song. Changes every day in that little one. How we miss her. Can feel our hearts melt as well. Hugs and kisses to her from us.

popo said...

P.S. I understood every word Sojo.

kimbra said...

Mimi just sat on my lap as we watched it and kept saying "Mimi" "Mimi" so even she sees the resemblance...
We are also singing the song on a daily basis with our own unique interpretation so it was very timely.
Hopefully we'll get down there before the school year is out, I just have to see them together again.