Saturday, November 08, 2008

2 Year Checkup

Sojo at the doctor's office. Yup, in a cool slide. More on that in a minute.Heading down to Bumrungrad Hospital today for Sojo's 2 year checkup, we were unsure of how Sojo would react since literally every other time we have gone to the doctor, she does nothing but scream the entire time. We're talking shaking and sweating screaming, which of course is no fun for anyone. Well, we are pleased to say that she was a superstar today and even said, "I'm not cry" when she heard another girl crying while sitting on the scale (yea, that one made her scream as well before!). She's doing great, weighs 11.9kilos/26.2lbs and is 85cm/33in tall, and the only issue is her skin, which we already knew. Even more superstar was that she had one shot for Japanese encephalitus right in her butt, and she cried just a smidge and then said, "Sojo bandaid on the butt." Laughing now just writing it because it was priceless. Of course, she talked about the butt bandaid all day.

Permit me, though, to do a quick walk-through of the children's center at the hospital we love so much. It's based on a first-come, first-serve basis on Saturdays, and when we arrived, our mouths dropped we saw this--The Kid Zone. Unbelievable. Truly. Computer games, a mini-theater with cartoons playing, a huge tube slide. Plus, bottles of water and boxes of milk for the taking at any time. We had to wait about 45 minutes, but it was no problem at all because the doctor was so nice and Sojo could have played forever. Even the various doctor offices were cute as they were set up like little colorful houses. Ha! I just looked at the photo and realized that Sojo and I are both barefoot. Definitely a relaxed environment.

I was so impressed with it that I wrote to our President-Elect Obama and shared my experience as part of my vision for healthcare in the U.S. and how it would look similar, and be as affordable as, Bumrungrad. Obama has a new website with his plan for the country (it includes us!) and a section where you can share your vision of what America can be. Worth a look-see.


popo said...

Bandaid on her butt. That girl:) makes me smile:) all the time :)What a wonderful place and I am so glad that she is over her fear of the doctor. Now it can be a little adventure for her to go downtown and play and then see the doctor.

Let's hope our country can come even close to achieving a healthcare system that is affordable and serves the people.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! not sure about eveyone being barefoot in a medical center. Didn't know about the website--I will check it out. Did you find out anything more about the skin problem or rather what to do about it? Is it getting better.

Love the pics--thanks! Nie Nie

Anonymous said...

I've already checked out the site - how great that you have already sent your ideas! What an amazing world!Love your pics and that "kid of yours." I've shared your blog with many friends. Thanks for the daily effort you put into it.Love,Aunt Sylvia