Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Girl Eating

I admit it--if I had my way, I'd feed Sojo myself with a spoon or fork until she started college. The mess is just insane every time she feeds herself! I know she needs to learn, and she is very intent on using her fork, and it's super cute to watch her, but it's such a disaster after she is done. Also, I find leftover food in the most random places later, like her diaper! She's at the point now where she won't eat some foods unless she uses a spoon or a fork (you can also see that she is going to be right-handed--"darn!" says her left-handed mom), and at the moment she'll eat just about anything. I've been making crustless quiches with tons of veggies, and she loves them. For the Chinese twist, Xiao Liu is now bringing Sojo Chinese food in the mornings for breakfast. One thing is like a dumpling with rice in it and also something that is called a 'tea egg.' It's an egg that has been hard-boiled in a big vat of tea so the tea soaks through the shell, and it is a big Shanghai local breakfast. Xiao Liu keeps these in her purse, and this morning Sojo went right up to her purse looking for her Chinese breakie treats. Adorable!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here's the Smiling Girl!

Sojo looking through the big bubble window at the playground that cracks her up!

Who knew that going to the playground would become a highlight of our weekends! We are trying to go as much as possible before the winter arrives and keeps us indoors going stir crazy. Sojo is now getting a kick out of running the other way and giggling when we go near her, so there was lots of exercise and quick reflexes for the parentals today. She has this one plastic riding horse she runs up to all the time and gives a big slobbery kiss to--yuk! We have tried to convince her that basically licking a playground toy is not really the most sanitary choice, but she ignores us and always goes right in for the big, open-mouthed kiss everytime. Good thing our reflexes are honed and we can get a quick hand onto the horse before she makes her move!

Tuckered out again...if only Dale and I were smart and took advantage of her naps by napping ourselves...but we never seem to.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Santa in China

Not that we thought they'd become fast friends, but we thought there was a slight chance Sojo would like Santa since her own baba has a pretty big beard with a bit of white in it as well! However, she is fully in the phase of not wanting to go to strangers, so she didn't dig it at all. However, she did like the tree and the basket of candy canes (crunchy plastic is always a hit!)

Another gorgeous, sunny, warm blue-skied day in Shanghai (these conditions hardly ever come together, so it's reason to celebrate!) and we took advantage of it by walking around in the backpack. It's obvious that Sojo loved the day as well.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dancing Queen

Now that she is on her feet and feeling quite comfortable, Sojo has let loose with the dance moves. She's always been a mover and a shaker, but now it's downright hilarious! Still using her classic deep-knee bend move, she is adding to her repetoire by putting her hands in the air and doing something that looks almost like a Spanish flamenco dance move while spinning around. It's fabulous! We put on music the other night and all did the same dance in the bedroom and had a blast. I picture years and years of family dancing.

On a separate note, dances of joy from the parents this week b/c Sojo has slept until 5:45 for 2 mornings in a row!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Day in the Life

I've been taking my dear friend Jeanie's advice and trying to take more pictures outside to capture more smiles from Sojo rather than the deadpan look that we know and love. Since we arrive home without much light left during the week, thanks to the fall weather, the weekend is the best time to be outside. So, here you go. A day in the life of Sojo and Tara and Dale.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Diva in Training

Stuffed in a box of secondhand clothes a teacher gave us, I found this incredibly funky, furry, diva-like jacket and loved it! Now that fall is here, Sojo has worn it just once until the other day when Xiao Liu told us that she picked THIS jacket to wear outside to pick us up from school (mama is secretly LOVING that she has a wee bit of the flair for style already!). Not only did she pick it, but she's understanding enough Chinese to know that Xiao Liu was telling her she looked pretty. In fact, she looked so adorable that we ran in to get the camera and take some photos of her. As if on cue, she even picked a pansy and walked around holding it. Only problem for us is that the little goober just doesn't sit down or stand still long enough to take a photo. We must have taken at least 20 photos and got only one or two that look great. Only need one good one, though. Family decision that we need to buy a camera that is faster than the one we have now just to keep up with Sojo.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

On The Move

Whoa--Sojo is feeling more confident in her walking and has us on the go more than we already were! Adorable to see her toddling around exploring her world. Yet another new thing she is doing is taking a book, coming over to one of us, grunting "UH!" (means Read it!) and sitting in our lap. Mind you, she has the attention span of a Cheerio right now so the "story" has gotta be quick. The only one she'll ask for twice now with another "UH!" is the Bingo book of "There was a farmer had a dog..." fame.

On a more shallow note, LOVING the funky tights popo brought with her to China! We've also finally discovered why Sojo never smiles in pictures anymore. We've had the red-eye reduction function on our camera for a while, so she gets the strobe effect every time a picture is taken. Oops on our part. She has now developed a Pavlovian reaction to the camera where she shuts her eyes to avoid the flash. We are now trying to convince her that not all cameras should instill fear, but it may be a while before the smiles come back. We did catch one yesterday.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Interrupt This Program...

...to announce that my groovy brother Matt and his fab partner of 11 years, Cathy, have decided to get hitched! On their anniversary weekend, they headed down to the beaches of Mexico and Matt rigged up a cool proposal of tieing the ring to his finger and presenting it to her underwater in a fistful of sand and shells while snorkeling. Extra points for creativity on that one! A big yippee for them both.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rha-rer a.k.a. Roar!

Halloween was fantastic! Sojo's last minute costume was a tiger, which is on her favorite animal list. When she saw it, she said, "Rha-rer" in her soft tiger voice and proceed to "give love" to the tiger. Too cute! Enjoy the slideshow.