Monday, July 30, 2007

Time Flies

The famous "scrunchy face" that only lasted about a week, much to our dismay. Good thing it was captured on film.
Our time is winding down here and we soon begin our parallel life...and what a fab summer it has been. We are leaving just as the blackberries are ripening, but we've got tons of blueberries to eat before we go and many nights were spent by the fire with family and friends. This will hopefully serve as a global thank you for all the support and love we have received either firsthand with grandmas and grandpas taking care not only of Sojo but of us this summer (I love when bottles miraculously appeared in the frig, and I don't think we did any dishes this summer!) or in the form of the love we feel from so many people. We are forever grateful.

Sojo has already grown since these photos were taken. She is simply so full of joy that we can hardly take it sometimes. And so she enters her life in Chinese in a few days. We'll be sure to update the blog more often (I will be disowned if I don't!) once we are in China.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Yea- I'm a Librarian!

Ok, this has been all about Sojo, but I will steal a moment. This is what I saw each morning as I boarded the ferry on the way to my last library classes. As hard as it was leaving Sojo every morning for two weeks, this view was a spectacularly peaceful way to start the day.
But now I get to wake up (and not at 4:15 anymore unless Sojo has decided to get up then!) and see this little cutie every morning for the next two weeks until we have to go back to work. Man alive, I missed her like mad...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm taking a tech class at the university this week, so I've got plenty of access to blog away. Here is a video of Sojo's newest thing that cracks us up--her "talking" that started a short while ago.

Something Cute and Something Comical

Easy to see this is the cute part of the title! We spend a lot of our summer days in adirondack chairs, so it's only fair that Sojo has one, too. Popo and GongGong had this one sent to her. As you can see, she is still wearing socks on her hands b/c even though the eczema is getting better, she is still a HUGE scratcher. At least the socks match her outfit, thanks to Dale--usually when I put them on, they are mismatched and randomly stuck on.
And for the comical part...pre-Sojo, Dale and I were adamant that we wouldn't go overboard with toys, etc, but Dale was really adamant about it. In fact, he became known as Dale "one toy" E. b/c his opinion, somewhat jokingly, was that Sojo only needed one toy and that was it. Well, let's just say that his mushball, new dad tendencies have spilled over into the toy arena. Of course, in true Dale fashion, he justifies it by calling the toys "sleep devices" (mobiles) or "rhythmic aids" (rattles) or "spatial development devices" (that thing where the kid has all these toys hanging down to play with). This picture is of our trip to Babies R Us (Dale actually SUGGESTED for us to go there to find some things for Sojo--still in shock over that one). Considering the monstrosity that is that store, we didn't do too badly, but we passed the "one toy" mark a while ago.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Growing Like a Weed

With all the love and stimulation (and yams) this little girl is getting, she is growing like a weed. Her cousin Josiah is about three months older than she is, and she seems to copy something he does every time he comes over. It's adorable! She's sitting in high chairs better now, attempting to use crayons (more of just another way to make noise on the table at the moment), turning the pages of a book, and dancing like mad. Dale gets out the guitar and she goes crazy--she even has different dances for different kinds of songs. Of course, we are secretly hoping she'll play either the drums or the keyboard in a few years so we can have a family band. But no pressure! The summer is slipping by but is filled with exactly what we wanted--bbq's on the deck, laughter, love and being surrounded by family and friends.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Coupon Good For One "I Told You So"

P.S. (pre-Sojo), it seemed like people were constantly telling us how much our lives would change. Looking back, I think they secretly enjoyed telling us things like

you'll never read a book again
you'll never sleep again
you'll never have a proper sit-down meal again
you'll always be late from now on


and Dale and I would politely listen and nod at appropriate times. When we walked away, every single time, we would always look at each other and say, "Not us, dude (we really do call each other dude), we're different. Having a kid won't change us." And with such sincerity, we believed this would be true, that bringing a kid into our lives wouldn't change it very much at all.

HA--picture that laugh as hysterical and even bordering on maniacal! Having a meal without playing 'pass the kid' so the other can shovel some food in is a thing of the past, the lack of sleep is a constant, and we are just now finding a bit of time to begin reading again! We figured out quickly that it's not all about us anymore but instead all about the adorable Sojo, and rightly so. Now we're laughing about it, and when something happens that drastically alters our life, we turn to each other and say sarcastically, "Yea, our lives won't change!" So, this is the official "I Told You So" coupon to be redeemed at your leisure. Enjoy the pic of us just after arriving in Seattle and crashing hard.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hippie Chick

Last summer, Dale and I bought a groovy car to toodle around in over the summer--our 1976 VW van. Note the pic on the right of us celebrating! We call it mellow yellow, and I even found a shirt for Sojo that says "mellow in yellow." Here's hoping she doesn't curse us later in life for dressing her like a hippie chick (I have visions of her being a lace-loving, party dress girl and being mortified by the bohemian clothes--my mom would love the irony of that!), but she looks so cute.

I've just started my two weeks of library classes at the UW, and it is just plain weird not being with Sojo all day long. Thankfully, Dale and the grandparents are taking good care of her, but I have this fear she will forget me during the day! A bit dramatic, I know, but we are so lucky to both have the whole summer to bond and hang out with her. I needn't have feared as you can see by the droolfest during a snuggle attack last night.
Sojo slept through the night for the second time (insert Dale and Tara jumping for joy here, or is it sleeping for joy?). We were shoveling yams into her even as she was nodding off last night in an attempt to fill that little potbelly for a few hours. It worked! It is a bit surreal, however, waking up in the morning and realizing that you actually got some sleep. This picture was from a few days ago when she literally was sitting up one minute playing and then crashed hard into a deep sleep. Hilarious!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Settling In

Nature rocks!
checking out the blueberries by the pond
getting used to the carseat after a life unrestricted in Shanghai and Hawaii (public bus there, not poor parenting! :))
Lazy days of gorgeous weather (a heatwave, actually, but it's still a respite for the Arizona folks who left 113 plus temp), chillin' on the deck, grilling with friends and family while gazing at the water, and watching Sojo settling in to her new life. We have dial-up at the house, so internet access is pretty slow, hence not so many postings. Sojo has successfully charmed the pants off everyone she has met so far, even random people in the grocery store, and she is burning so many calories with all her flailing around and jumping that she is chowing down the formula like crazy! She's now doing hilarious things like a little fake cough, a scrunching up of the nose while doing a snort-like laugh, and being a dancing queen when Dale plays the guitar for her. Still no sleeping through the night (she had ONE night where Dale and I woke up to daylight and were shocked that she slept through, but that was just an evil trick she played on us to make us think she was going to do it more often...).

Random updates as this is becoming our baby journal--no teeth yet, but she is beginning to use the teething ring and is digging it. Also, an interesting 'adoptive' tidbit--sometimes kids who are adopted don't easily put their head on your chest but instead prefer to be looking out at the world. We have found this with Sojo in that she didn't show much interest in that type of cuddling. However, just in the last few days, she's been giving it a go and doing some nuggle time. It's hard to believe that she hasn't been with us forever but actually only a little over a month. And it's hard to believe that Dale and I actually once serious 8 hour a night sleepers! HA! All those out there chuckling will find an "I told you so" posting soon...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bring on the Love!

It's a regular lovefest up here at our cabin! Grandmas and grandpas and cousins and aunts and uncles galore, and Sojo is loving all the attention and even beginning to do some posing for the camera. A dive in the making! She is simply thriving, which is a perfect word for what we see when we watch her everyday--she's growing and happy and thriving. What more could one ask for? We're taking what we call "property walks" where we wander around our land and look at the leaves, the fruit, the ponds, the birds and the nature that surrounds us (yeah for nature!). She loves grabbing on to a leaf or two and feeling the different types of trees. Plus, her ezcema is clearing up so well, and we wonder if it's the fresh air up here....

On a Helen note (Tara's mom), those reading this that know her well will know that she does not go ANYWHERE without having her hair done, and that sometimes includes even hanging out with her family. Well, she hears Sojo in the kitchen in the morning and drops her blowdryer to come running up the stairs without doing her hair just so she can hang out with her. Too cute! We're justifying it for her by saying that she is trying to bond with Sojo's hair that doesn't quite do anything. Of course, I wouldn't dream of putting a picture on the blog of that. Hee! Hee!

Enjoy the pics!