Thursday, March 29, 2007

Riding in Style

Our friend Eddie took this picture right outside our neighborhood breakfast hangout. For Dale's birthday last year, I got him this "gigmobile"--a trike that can haul all his music gear to our local bar in the neighborhood where we do music nights. The locals absolutely love it when we ride around in it as it is really a means of transportation for the poor farming population in the area. They are definitely not accustomed to seeing foreigners riding like this, and they giggle and point. Um, ok, they usually do that here even if you aren't riding in one of these, but we somehow feel more connected to the culture. You would be amazed at the old men and women riding around on these things--usually filled with cabbages or empty cooking oil bottles piled up in the back, and they are just trucking right along. The only downside for Dale is the quality of craftsmanship, or lack thereof, in the trike. I got him the top of the line model, but the pedals seem to fall off and the tires are almost always flat. Still, it gets him where we need to go.

Blogger Block Removed

Whew! China had blocked a lot of blogs in the last few weeks (the blocking of certain sites is quite common in China), so we were unable to access this at all. Not really as much of a bummer for our blog, but I follow this fabulous blog about a couple with twin girls adopted from China (, and it's become my lifeline of sorts while we wait for our twins. I was going through withdrawal not "connecting" with them via the blog. However, just sat down this morning caught up on those cutie twins and can jumpstart our blog the way, gather all sorts of positive thoughts around the world as we enter the next batch of referrals coming out in the next week or so. We are due to get a referral, although we won't be doing any jumping around until their photos are in our hands! Still, lots of good thoughts and prayers never hurt.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How We Love our Massages

Going through the archives of our last trip in December to Malaysia (wish I had started a blog then, and what is the protocol for going backwards in these things?) as it connects with one of our very favorite things about living in Shanghai: massage...We just love them and they are so incredibly affordable in China that a weekly massage is a reasonable, habit-forming treat. Plus, we justify it as it's helping the local economy and there are so many health benefits!

But, walking in Langkawi, Malaysia this winter holiday, we came across this sign hanging from a tree and realized, with a hint of sadness, that even we have standards when it comes to massage. Looking around, we couldn't even figure out where the massage was to take place...among the rubble on the patio, inside the building? Not a soul around to even ask-- probably a good thing.